July 2017 Updates

Assumptions are sometimes wrong. Nobody has learned that like CCC’s Director Marty Merriman, who, after five years at the daycare’s helm, now makes a habit out of thinking twice before she assumes anything. “So much of what you and I naturally do in our daily lives is new, life-changing information to families that are struggling, but so often I assume that they’ve had the benefit of learning the things my parents, teachers, and church community have taught me along the way,” explains Merriman. “There’s a whole world of shared knowledge that our CCC families don’t even know they need in order to make wise decisions.” That’s especially true where finances are concerned. Equal parts support for families and a contingency of receiving scholarship dollars, the ministry requires each family enrolled at the daycare to attend three resource classes. The first class centers on budgeting and financial management. The second class zeros in healthy insurance and understanding the basics. Once families have attended these two classes they have a variety of other classes they can choose to attend ranging in topics of parenting, car shopping, etc.