The Need

There is a lack of childcare facilities that serve low-income populations with both evangelical and educational focuses.

Understanding the Need

The largest obstacle to overcome for low-income families searching for child care is cost. A person working full-time for $10 per hour who has two children (ages 2&5) will spend at least 40% of their take-home income on day care. The need goes beyond finances to a greater need for a place where children will hear about Jesus and experience the compassion of Jesus in their care. There is no child care facility that currently is evangelical in their programming and specifically seeking to provide care to those with lower incomes. Compassion Child Care aims to bridge that gap and offer a fulfilling experience for children and families.

A wrong turn in the past…maybe one bad decision, or a bad upbringing, or unforeseen circumstance, such as an illness has compromised stability for these families.  Finances are on the edge in spite of the fact many of these families are working hard.  Parents, many of whom are single moms, even work multiple jobs and try to get ahead but are hindered in their employment efforts as they have worked their way out of some welfare safety nets.  Families are forced to make difficult decisions during the formative years of a child’s life.  Siblings may end up caring for younger siblings in unsafe environments.  Arguments and stress may cause further fractures in relationships, and can have lasting impacts on the children.  These factors put the entire family at risk and the cycle of poverty will continue. 

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