CCC can only help struggling families because of private donations from generous supporters.   Due to the auxiliary services that we provide, the cost to run Compassion Child Care is $215/week per child.  That cost is driven by that fact that CCC maintains a lower staff to child ratio than is required by state law due to the unique circumstances of the children that attend the daycare.  Thus, 80% of the total budget consists of staffing costs. 

If a family were attending a daycare in Sioux Falls, they would typically pay between $150-$175/week, depending on the age of their child.  This is an unbearable burden for families that are making between $10-$12/hour as it can be upwards of 40% of their take-home pay.  While all families at CCC pay something, it varies based on their gross income and where they fall as a household on the Sioux Falls Median Income chart. Weekly rates at CCC range from $6/week to $100/week per child.  Please consider supporting families by becoming a monthly donor, buying an item from the Needs List, giving a one-time general fund donation, or sponsoring a family. 


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